How we help

Payroll is one of the necessary evils of a business. Not because it is expensive but because state, local and federal laws have turned it into such a difficult and time consuming process. According to several CPA’s, small business owners spend eight hours per month performing payroll functions. That’s 12 full days out of the year that could be spent more effectively (generating sales, looking for new opportunities, improving products, customer service, etc).

Some of the benefits you will receive by outsourcing your payroll to us include:


  • SAVE MONEY It’s cheaper to outsource your payroll to us than to hire specialized employees to do it for you
  • SAVE TIME No need to waste your time maintaining your current payroll system and researching new laws
  • ENJOY PEACE OF MIND Always know that your payroll taxes are in compliance knowing that a certified professional is handling it for you
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR MOST IMPORTANT EXPENSE We will provide you with several detailed reports that will help you determine if you are getting the most bang for every payroll buck


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Basic Payroll

  • We calculate paychecks for you
  • We tell you what to withhold
  • We tell you how much you owe each agency in payroll taxes
  • You generate paychecks
  • You file and pay all payroll taxes

Full-Service Payroll

  • Unlimited Payroll Runs
  • Direct Deposit Included
  • Filing of All Quarterly & Annual Payroll Taxes
  • Filing of Employee W2's
  • Online Access for Employees to View Pay History