Tax Liability with Purchase of a New Home

In order to answer these questions, you will need a copies of your 2012 tax return and most recent paycheck stubs.
  • Form 1040 - Line 38
    Form 1040A - Line 22
    Form 1040EZ - Line 4
  • Form 1040 - Lines 47-53 & 55-60
    Form 1040A - Lines 29-33 & 38-40
    Form 1040EZ - Line 8
  • What is the pay frequency of each paycheck?

  • What is the amount of federal withholding per paycheck?

  • What are the dates of your most recent paycheck(s)?

  • What is the total federal tax withheld year-to-date on your most recent paycheck(s)?

  • If you are self-employed, how much do you anticipate paying (or already paid) in estimated taxes each quarter?

  • List type and amount
  • Provide the following details of your new home loan